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Get the most durable and cost effective wire mesh containers with E-Deck

10 / April / 2017

Get the most durable and cost effective wire mesh containers with E-Deck

Wire mesh containers have emerged into an important requirement in the material handling industry. These containers are now spanning across all industries requiring material handling, either light objects or heavy duty. Many manufacturers today have now surfaced offering a range of such Wire mesh containers which cater to the needs of specific industries. But E-Deckhas become an ace service provider in this sector. We are involved in the manufacturing of Wire mesh containers which are super strong, customized, stackable and collapsible. We ensure tailored solutions for specific industries depending upon the unique requirements of our clients.

The process and raw materials which goes into the making of our sturdy and durable Wire mesh containers is advanced and involves the latest technology and tools. We do not settle for anything, but the best. The containers at our industry are available in a large number of designs and sizes, which meanyou, can easily fill in light or heavy objects or even large or small objects depending upon your requirements. The wire mesh is made in a way to ensure that you can easily differentiate between baskets for small and light objects from those which can store heavy and large objects.

When buying Wire mesh containers at E-Deck you can choose from a variety of wire gauge which is differentiated as 4.8mm, 6.0mm, and 6.2mm. The mesh measurement also can be chosen from 25*50mm, 50*50mm, 50*100mm. another feature which you can look into is the load capacity of these containers made from wire mesh. If you wish to store and handle lighter objects then there’s a light duty range for 0 to 400 kg, another is medium duty for 400 to 800 kg and for all above this range you can opt for heavy duty Wire mesh containers.

Wire mesh containers are being used in not just heavy material handling industries but even in the food industries, wine industries, PET performs and many other places. At E-Deck, you can easily find Wire mesh containers that appear to be an ideal answer to all your material handling and storage or transportation needs. You can even acquire from us containers which ensure ease of storage, visibility of products, ventilation and cleanliness, which becomes especially important if storing or transporting anything perishable. The characteristics of the Wire mesh containers are typical to the goods they store and the core use where they will be put into. Also, you can easily reuse these containers ensuring a one-time investment for your industry.

So, why settle for something which is just good, go for the best Wire mesh containers in the industry by choosing E-Deck and ensuring long-term, worry-free usability and service and of course added peace of mind. The price too will fall in your anticipated budget, ensuring no hole in your pockets.

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