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Roll cage containers and trolleys are something we specialize in manufacturing

12 / May / 2017

Roll cage containers and trolleys are something we specialize in manufacturing

Storage and easy transport of products is a very important task for some industries. Sometimes owners are in a confused state of mind as to what can ideally meet their needs, roll cage trolleys and roll containers seem to be an ideal solution for all such industrial or commercial environments which are looking to store or move items on a frequent basis. These trolleys or containers can be used at warehouses, various industries, factories and even catering establishments. The options available for roll containers and trolleys at E Deck is very large ensuring you can easily find something that can ideally fit in your needs and budget. In case you still feel something’s missing, you can brief our experts about your specific need and we will ensure you the perfect solution always.

The products at E Deck, designed and manufactured under the roll cage category, cater to the organized storage and easy transport of goods. The smooth running feature makes these the best solutions for transportation of goods that can now be done in a hassle-free and easy manner. The roll cage trolley androll containers can be of high utility at not just warehouses and industries but in supermarkets, laundries and in various other logistics sectors. These containers and trolleys can offer you not just a sturdy and durable alternative but also one that can easily fit in your desired budget.

At E Deck, the roll containers available are of many number of kinds, you can find from the simplest two sided ones to the most sophisticated containers used for security reasons. The containers here are designed and manufactured keeping your specific needs in mind. The steel frame with zinc is used and all the wires are hot-dip galvanized, also the finishing is made perfect with powder coating and wire mesh in-fill. You can find them in two, three or four sides, which are either filled with steel rods or additional support rods, in case you need any.

The roll cage trolleys and containers at E Deck are available with wheels for a worry-free material transportation in or out of the work premises. You can choose with or without brakes depending upon your requirements. The security roll containers which we manufacture are based on state of the art technology and are designed to ensure complete safety and boast an anti-theft design. No flaws or loopholes are possible if you install our roll containers for security reasons.

Another mandatory point you should keep in mind when buying roll cage trolley or roll container is the risk of injuries and damage to merchandise. At E Deck, we can offer solutions which can minimize risk of any injury or damage and we work to offer versatile solutions. You can now get ready to find a perfect answer with us.

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