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PET Preform Container
PET Preform Container
PET Preform Container

PET Preform Container

Polyethene Terphthalate or PET is an excellent polyester with good molding properties which is why it is widely used in manufacturing of injections, bottles etc. PET perform container are plastic container, light in weight and highly durable which stores and manages your good efficiently and effectively.

E-deck has come up with different kind of PET Preform containers all pursuing wonderful qualities. It is an easy and efficient way of storing goods so select your container and make a good choice.

  • Model No.:
  • Dimension :
    1200L x 1010W x 1200H (mm)

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  • Material: Steel Q235
  • Wire Guage: 5-12mm
  • Dimension of Grid: 62x125mm
  • Loading Capacity: 800kgs
  • Stackability: 4+1
  • Finishing: Zinc/hot dip galvanized/powder coating
  • Application: Warehouse,Logistic,Recycling Industry,PET Preform or Plastic Cap Storage,etc.

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