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Although our products ensures complete guarantee of durability for the sake of our customers assurance we have the best warranty policies associated with our products. It is sure that our products will not face any kind of damage and will stay with you forever.

Our warranty offers are highly exciting which will force you to develop relations and bond with us. So, select your products with complete warranty and use them with no fear.

Delayed Delivery

We'll pay default fine calculated by 0.3% per day if delivery delayed.

Accessories Compensation

Parts like bolts and screws can be compensated for free if they're broken or rusty due to bad delivery.


If quality problems arise,we'll be responsible for this situation and cut the fund in your next order;
We'll send professional QC directly to your company when occuring mass quality problems,and discuss how to fix that;
When we can't meet an agreement,a Third Party will be invited to help solve this problem.


If the dimensions are made totally different from our drawing,you'll get full refund.