Stackable Pallet Rack

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Stackable Steel Crates
Stackable Steel Crates
Stackable Steel Crates
Stackable Steel Crates
Stackable Steel Crates

Steel Crate

Steel crates are used in almost every second manufacturing business. We bring the best of these durable crates with a range of stackable steel crates. Any business can go for these crates to store machine parts, materials, or other hardware parts. The powder-coated or galvanized steel ensures zero interference with the materials inside the crate.

Our stackable steel crates never take a toll on the space when not in use. The flexible wheels ensure quick sliding in all directions. In addition, our fine craft uses a high-quality steel wire that is durable and, most notably, available at reasonable prices. Hence, whether you’re into transportation or manufacturing services, our stackable steel crates are better than wood crates.

  • Material :
    Steel Q235
  • Dimension :
    1230x835x970 (mm)

Products Details

  • Description


  • Material: Steel Q235
  • Dimension: 1230x835x970 mm
  • Load Capacity: 1200 kg
  • Grid Size: 50x50 mm
  • Stackability: 4 Layers
  • Quantity in 40HQ: 161 pieces
  • Finishing: Zinc/hot dip galvanized/powder coating
  • Application: Warehouse,Logistic,Recycling Industry,PET Preform or Plastic Cap Storage,etc.

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