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Flared Channel
Flared Channel
Flared Channel

Flared Channel

For further improving the structure of wire deck containers, E-deck has come up with flared channel which helps in ideal decking for pallet position as well as sprinkler. This helps in holding the wire deck top beam more strongly and rigidly.

Flared channel gives your wire deck container better strength to store also gives an easy way to handle the storage container. With the help of these channels a number of extra benefits can be applied to a normal wire deck container.

  • Material :
    Steel Q235
  • Dimension :
    36W x 46D (mm)

Products Details

  • Description


  • Material: Steel Q235
  • Wire Guage: 5.0mm
  • Mesh Size: 2.5x4.0mm
  • Finishing: Zinc plated
  • Application: Warehouse,Logistic,Recycling Industry,PET Preform or Plastic Cap Storage,etc.

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