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Supermarket Shelf
Supermarket Shelf
Supermarket Shelf

Supermarket Shelf

In supermarket different kinds of good and products needs to be arranged efficiently and economically providing a good and attractive arrangement to the customers. Also, retrieving and inserting the items back and forth from the shelf should be easy. E-deck has designed a supermarket shelf especially for this purpose.

This exclusive supermarket shelf fulfills all the basic requirements of an ideal storage system in supermarket and is widely being used in various supermarkets with positive feedback.

  • Material :
    Steel Q235
  • Tire Capacity :
    24 to 32

Products Details

  • Description


  • Material: Steel Q235
  • Tire Capacity: 24 to 32
  • Loading Capacity: 1100kgs
  • Stackability (Open): 5
  • Stackability (Closed): 20
  • Finishing: Zinc/hot dip galvanized/powder coating
  • Application: Warehouse,Logistic,Recycling Industry,PET Preform or Plastic Cap Storage,etc.

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