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Know All Types of Wire Mesh Decking and Mesh Decks

17 / November / 2017

Know All Types of Wire Mesh Decking and Mesh Decks

Wire mesh decking and mesh deck are highly advantageous and thus come in a lot of varieties and types which are capable of solving different storage issues in warehouses. All these storage containers made of these decking differently offers a lot of features like high durability and visibility, the welded channel decks with attractive look and many more which are meant to enhance the quality of warehouse raising the storage standards.

So, let us now look at some of the mostly used different types of these decks which has some great features and classic properties that raises the standards of the material handling feature of a warehouse:

Standard Decking

These are the classic support channel of the beams where the waterfall deck wraps the beam providing a strong structure with damage resistant properties. The deck simply waterfall and tightly covers the beam resulting in a highly durable and strong structure which is capable of storing a huge range of products.

These are the simplest form of decking and ca store a wide range of products safely without any damage and are thus highly used in warehouses.

Flared Channel

These flared channel decks has a universal fit flange which tightly fits in the beam resulting in a heavy duty mesh decking capable of storing heavy materials without any damage. These are usually used with box or step beams allowing great features and properties.

The wire mesh decking made up of this architecture is gaining wide popularity nowadays due to its great strength and safety handling of materials. Like standard decking in this decking also the waterfall strongly wraps around the beam.

Drop in/ Flush Decking

The straight wires are carefully and comfortably hidden and fitted as in the step style decks without any waterfall feature. The straight wires are carefully hidden or dropped in which is why this type of decking is called as drop in/ flush decking of these mesh decking. It also holds a great significance in the decking industry and use in warehouses.

U Channel Decking

These are another type of highly useful decks which are the replacement of the traditional sharp edges. This type of channel decking offers extreme comfort to the employees and a lot of safety features in warehouses due to which their use is highly promoted.

Inverted Channel Decking

This type of unique decking has upside down support channels which prevents the dust accumulation on the products and keep them safe from any kind of unnecessary disposal. As a result of which, this type of mesh decks hold a major importance for storage management of food products keeping them safe and protected from waste and dust accumulation on their top.

All these different types of deck with their different use and purposes have improved the older approach of carrying out goods management in warehouses. So, according to the needs of your warehouse and products select the appropriate mesh decking and get a number of benefits associated.

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